Registration of Swimming Pools and/or Spas

Owners of backyard Swimming Pools and/or Spas (both new and existing) must have their details registered (such as property address, age and type of Swimming Pool and/or Spa, etc) on the NSW Government Swimming Pool Register.

If a Swimming Pool and/or Spa has not been registered a fine may be imposed on the Owner up to $2,200.00.

Registration of a Swimming Pool and/or Spa can be carried out:

At the time of registration, pool owners are required to carry out a self-assessment and a statement is required that to the best of their knowledge the Swimming Pool and/or Spa complies with Australian Standards.

For assistance in registering a Swimming Pool and/or Spa online click for following link:

How To Register Swimming Pool

Once the Swimming Pool and/or Spa is registered an Owner can than apply for a Compliance Certificate from Council or an accredited Certifier which will be mandatory for properties with a Swimming Pool and/or Spa before the property can be sold or leased after 24 April 2014.

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