NSW Department of Lands

The NSW Department of Lands (LPI), is a division of the Office of Finance and Services, is the key provider of land information services in New South Wales.

Authoritative land information is a vital tool that enables the community, business and government to derive maximum benefit from land and property to generate economic growth and prosperity.

Its integrated framework connects the people of NSW to a comprehensive package of land and property services including land title registration, property information, valuation, surveying and mapping. It provides land information services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and non profit organisations throughout NSW, Australia and internationally.


  • source information from organisations and individuals to compile maps, databases and registers of land and property information including information on locations, parcel descriptions, values, ownership, restrictions and financial interests
  • provide services to the Registrar General, the Surveyor General and the Valuer General who have responsibilities for administering various Acts of Parliament related to land administration
  • administer the systems which support the State guarantee of Torrens title
  • make information available to the public and organisations for conveyancing, historical research, land development, land management purposes, for state economic and social development and for planning and providing government services to the community, including event and emergency management
  • license, sell, exchange or give the data it collects to organisations or individuals, to facilitate the above purposes

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